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    Ethical Issues in Intellectual Property

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    What are current ethical issues in the business world could arise out of intellectual property. I need help in researching and discussing at least on case on this ethical issue, and also answer these questions:
    1. Why is it important to protect intellectual property?
    2. How can intellectual property be protected?
    3. Do intellectual protections ever go "too far"?
    4. What is the proper balance between content producers and the public good?

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    1. Intellectual property is a real means of providing a living or income for people. This include companies. Intellectual property, therefore, if not protected, could become a way for someone else to make a living off the idea or system of a person or company, without giving financial gains to the original property owner. It also would allow a competitor to manipulate the information and product that comes from the intellectual property, the knowledge of the person or the company. Such manipulation could lead to failure for the original owner, because the second owner could change, price lower, or otherwise manipulate the outcomes.

    2. Owners of intellectual properties should gain copyrights, patents, and other rights of ...

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    The ethical issues in intellectual properties are provided. The proper balances between content producers and the public goods are provided.