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privacy issues/ip protection

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In your departmental meeting this week, you are leading discussion on the following:

Consider this: Intellectual property rights have been a concern for academic and research organizations for a while; why has it become an issue for more and more organizations? Does AllTechComm have any intellectual property to protect? What do you suggest to keep our work safe?

Analyze privacy issues, computer-based crime, and the legal and ethical implications of intellectual property protection.
Research and propose alternative methods of assimilating emerging technologies.
Critically examine the role of information management in corporate strategy.
Identify and analyze current trends, opportunities, and challenges in information management.
Use effective communication techniques.

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The increasing globalization, increased licensing and technology transfer situations, advent of electronic/ ebusiness and internet,etc. have significantly boosted the chances of theft and misuse of intellectual property in today's world, thereby necessitating the development of applicable laws and regulations to protect the intellectual property of today's businesses.

In today's information age, ...

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Analyze privacy issues, computer-based crime, and the legal and ethical implications of intellectual property protection.

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Business Cases: AOL and Time Warner; The Ax Falls on Sunbeam's Chainsaw Al; Harley-Davidson

The following case study questions are based on the reading about the mentioned companies and taking conclusions based on the reading of the textbook: Bovee, C.L., Thill, J.V. & Mescon, M.H. (2005). Excellence in Business, Revised Edition. New Jersey. Prentice Hall.

Alternatively, I guess one has the possibility to answer these questions by reading on the companies' cases.

AOL and Time Warner: Fragile Promises
(Pages 161-162). QUESTIONS:
? Why did the media refer to the merger as the deal of the century?
? Why was Time Warner eager to merge with AOL?
? What challenges did AOL and Time Warner face as a merged company?.
? Visit the Time-Warner Website (http://www.timewarner.com). Review the site to get the latest news about the fate of the merger. How is the company doing financially? How much turnover has occurred among high-level executives? If any parts of the business have been sold off, what has the acquiring company said about future prospects?

The Ax Falls on Sunbeam's Chainsaw Al.
(Pages 187-188). QUESTIONS:
? Why were Dunlap's goals unrealistic for Sunbeam?
? Was Dunlap's slice-and-dice plan a long-term or short-term strategy. Please explain.
? Why did Dunlap's turnaround strategy backfire?

Harley-Davidson-From Dysfunctional to Cross-Functional.
(Pages 212-213). QUESTIONS:
? During Teerlink's tenure as Harley's Chief Financial Officer, was the
organization structure flat or tall? Centralized or decentralized?
Explain your answers.
? As Chief Executive Officer, how did Teerlink change the organizational structure?
? Why does Harley-Davidson include outside suppliers on its cross-functional teams?


I am looking for help with the questions. I want as much information as possible on each case e.g, articles, newspaper clips, etc.

Thank you for this assistance.

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