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I need advice on privacy, security and infringement issues that would assist this company in it's dilemma?.

BUG has come to you for advice regarding its international expansion. BUG wants to sell its products via the Internet. BUG is concerned about privacy, security, and infringement issues.
3(A) Advise BUG on any international conflict of law issues that could possibly affect the company.
3(B) BUG is also concerned because a company that buys famous and/or company name domain names seems to own the rights to the domain name BUG.com. The company is willing to sell the domain name for a high price.
What would you advise BUG to do?

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There are risks to internet privacy as BUG seeks to expand internationally. the first risk is that of cookies that track users. There are instances of competitors placing personally identifiable tag in a in browser to facilitate web profiling. There can be attempts to steal information from BUG cookies. Further, the ISP provider has the ability to observe anything about BUG internet. If BUG wants to prevent the ISP from knowing the contents of data, it must encrypt the data. After the encryption, the ISP provider can only know the IP addresses of the sender and the receiver. Still there are other risks to BUGs privacy that include Phishing, social engineering, spy-ware and HTML-enabled email. The courts in the U.S. have ruled that individuals/firms using the internet have a reasonable right to privacy (State v. Reid, 194 N.J. 386, 954 A.2d 503 (N.J. 2008),) Bug must take actions to prevent these privacy violations.

With regards to internet security, BUG should be aware of the following issue. It must be able to carry out penetration testing, it should also carry out intrusion detection, its ...

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