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    Tort liability

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    Scenario: BUG, Inc., a company based in Any State, U.S.A., designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devises. These devices are used by law enforcement agencies (police, FBI, etc.) to intercept and record sounds and voices. The equipment taps into telephone wires, cell phone transmissions, and picks up sounds and voices through the walls of a house or in open-air locations through the use of a remote microphone.

    Part of the equipment is driven by software written by BUG employees. BUG has exclusive contracts with most state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. BUG is thinking about expanding its sales to international markets. Currently, half of its manufacturing plants are in foreign countries and half are in the U.S. The company's logo is a ladybug wearing a set of headphones.

    Assignment: Using the scenario above, give detailed answers to the following questions and properly cited research to support your conclusions: (150-200 words)

    Shady Town, U.S.A. has been plagued with a recent crime wave. The BUG INC. plant in Shady Town has experienced vandalized vehicles in its parking lot and some second shift employees have been robbed as they walked to their cars at night. BUG INC. receives shipments of parts and other items from vendors at its receiving/shipping dock located at the rear of each plant. The parking lot and dock areas are well lit; however, some lights are now out. While waiting for the dock manger to return from lunch, a vendor was attacked and robbed of his wallet and electronic chips he was delivering.

    1) Discuss what, if any, tort liability BUG INC may have to the vendor and to the BUG INC employees that were attacked.
    2) What defenses may be available to BUG INC Explain your answers.

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    1) Discuss what, if any, tort liability BUG INC may have to the vendor and to the BUG INC employees that were attacked.

    A tort is an action that results in damage to a person or their property, for which they are legally entitled to compensation. Categories of torts include negligence, gross negligence, and intentional wrongdoing (NCSU, 2007). Negligence is the most common type of tort, and would probably apply in this case. Parking lots are generally public and so it can be difficult to control access. However, employees have successfully ...

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    Tort liability when employee is attacked in company parking lot