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Reasonable Accommodation ADA and Vicarious Tort Liability

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Your team of corporate officers will be presenting training seminars to senior managers at the upcoming annual company conference in Maui. Your team should research and prepare a presentation which highlights recent legal issues and cases.

Develop a short presentation on:
Reasonable Accommodation by Employers as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act &
Minimizing the Risks of Vicarious Tort Liability

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This posting examines reasonable accommodation in the context of Americans with Disabilities Act 1950. It examines how organizations can comply with the requirements.

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In Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act 1950
Under the ADA if a qualified employee or applicant with disability who with reasonable accommodation can perform the required functions of the position in question: An employer is required to make a reasonable accommodation which includes:

This is what the website http://www.eeoc.gov says "Making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.
Job restructuring, modifying work ...

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