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    Business Law: Tort Liability, Product Liability

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    1. Consider your company or industry, or another organization with which you are familiar. For that organization, identify a common type of tort liability that can arise in the organization. What legal principles apply to that type of tort liability?

    2. Select a product you are familiar with or interested in. What product liability issues arise for that product? What measures can management take to prevent these product liability problems from arising? How can they minimize legal risk involving the product?

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    1. A "tort" is an injury to another person or to property, which is compensable under the law. Categories of torts include negligence, gross negligence, and intentional wrongdoing. Negligence is the most common type of tort, and the only type for which the university as a state agency can be liable.

    Before 1960ies educational institutions rarely were held liable for student injury, regardless of the cause. In loco parentis, as was recognized by the courts, gave discretion to institutions to decide what was in the "best interest" of students. Though some campus administrators continue to fear that, by becoming involved in the lives of students, the institution increases its exposure to liability, it is ...

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