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    YouTube: Legal and Ethical Considerations for User Generated Content

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    Given YouTube's experiences, what would you consider to be the major legal and ethical concerns an entrepreneur faces when starting a business focused on User Generated Content?

    Do you believe YouTube effectively and correctly responded to potential legal abuses of copyright and intellectual property rights laws? Explain.

    To what degree do the legal issues facing YouTube and other User-Generated Content sites provide a lessons learned message to entrepreneurs in general?

    List the major legal and ethical concerns an entrepreneur must consider when starting a business such as YouTube that generates UGC.

    Analyze YouTube's legal response to the allegedly legal abuses of copyright and intellectual property rights, and evaluate each in terms of ethical practices in the digital age.

    Evaluate each of the "lessons learned" from YouTube in terms of the key issues an entrepreneur must deal with in starting a UGC company.

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    Considering the YouTube's experience, the major legal and ethical concerns an entrepreneur should consider are as follows. The website that allows user generated content may be sued if the content is defamatory, deceptive or harmful. The website may be held liable if it had promised to take down the contents but had not taken any steps to remove the content. Furthermore, the internet service provider will be responsible for content because it "publishes information" and "stores information". The entrepreneur can be held responsible for providing content. The most important problem faced by websites that provide user generated content is violation of copyright. The users violate the copyrights but the site is held responsible.

    The ethical issues that user generated content site entrepreneur faces is that from the deontological ethical perspective it is the duty of the entrepreneur to ensure that her sit is not used for large scale piracy or copyright violation. Similarly, from the stand point of virtue ethics, it is not an act of good character that the website of the entrepreneur is used for posting obscene, pornographic, or defamatory material. If content posted over user ...

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