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Google Glass: Ethical and Security Issues

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Analyze Google Glass and determine whether you classify this technology as a webcam, spy cam, or something different. Decide whether or not you believe this technology will bring greater fulfillment into your life and the lives of others. Provide a rationale for your response.

Discuss the manner in which Google Glass and its related technologies may be used by organizations in the coming years. Speculate on the major ethical or security issues that you believe come into play when using such technology.

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It is important to understand how you would personally classify this technology so lets analyze it first. Google Glass is considered wearable technology that now ships with 2 GB of memory and over 50 apps.

It is a device that appears to be glasses with a small camera attached. The camera can take pictures as well as video. Google Glass has internet capabilities by connecting to WiFi and because of this, it may be classified as a webcam.

The user may determine the real classification of this device as if the user decides to sneak Google Glass where it has been banned, it may then be ...

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