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    Organization, Behavior and Intellectual Capital

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    Resource: Google's organizational profile, Internet, and assigned readings

    Write a paper in which you analyze how Google's organizational structure and ethical behavior affect the value of its intellectual capital (promoting innovation, decision making, productivity, etc.).

    Would you consider Google's organizational structure an intellectual capital asset? Why or why not? Support your position.

    Format your responses according to APA standards.

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    Organizational Structure & Intellectual capital of Google

    The organizational structure of an organization has a greater impact on the intellectual capital of an organization. The intellectual capital replaces the real capital of the business and become the reason for value enhancement for modern enterprises. The organization structure of a company facilitates intellectual capital that provides competitive advantage. The organizational structure of Google is quite different from the organizational structure of the other companies. The culture of the Google is informal and equal that eliminates bureaucracy from the organization (Ding & Li, 2010). The organizational culture of Google helps to develop good ideas that facilitate a faster growth for the business.
    Organizational Structure and Intellectual Capital
    The generation of intellectual capital completely depends on the management of innovations in the organization. The innovation in organization is created through the effective organizational structure and organizational culture. The corporate structure of Google is designed in a manner that protects the ability of Google related to innovation and other characteristics (Google, 2010). The organization structure of Google is innovation that helps for the faster growth of the business. The continuous success of the business is causing a change in its organizational structure from the divisional organizational structure to matrix organizational structure. It is the most complex form of the organizational structure (Google Inc, 2005). This complex organizational structure may resist the future success of the business.
    The multinational matrix organizational structure and intellectual capital are the two related concepts that have an ideal relationship. In the matrix organizational structure most of the workers have dual line of reporting as they are responsible to report the team leader and chief of the organization for their work activities (O'Sullivan, 2009). The intellectual capital can be drawn from the organizational ...

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