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Intellectual Capital: Undervalued or taken for Granted

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Even though almost all organizations today espouse that people are their most important assets, these words do not always translate into actions. Why do you think intellectual capital is so often undervalued or taken for granted? As a general manager, what would you do to increase your organization's intellectual capital? Support your answers with resources.

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This solution discusses intellectual capital. The methods to increase intellectual capital and actions by management are thoroughly discussed.

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Why do you think intellectual capital is so often undervalued or taken for granted?

Intellectual capital is oftentimes taken for granted or even completely overlooked because companies really do not know how to make the most use of what they do have. When we consider intellectual capital, we are taking into consideration all of the resources, elements, and knowledge that the company has available for its use. Once companies invent processes and accumulate proprietary data, it is common for those same companies to go into an automatic mode, where people, processes and resources become standard - and then mundane. This turns into a scenario where ...

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