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    global technology human resources

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    I'm seeking your professional input regarding issues dealing with global technology human resources and the global technology supply chain. See attached file for full problem description.

    Please do not copy, cut & paste text, copy from previous postings on Pfizer, or provide instructions on "how-to" from various internet sites as a response. Please provide in-depth analysis, supporting facts and include relevant sources. I'm not looking for definitions just specific information please!

    Thanks in advance.

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    In this submission, I am covering the Part B ( As it relates to Technology Globalization)

    I am taking each question one by one:

    III. Address methods of protecting a technology's intellectual property in a global market place.

    Specifics: Offers a list of methods a company can use to protect intellectual property rights given the diverse nature of international laws governing an organization's protection. Postulate a set of criteria an organization might adopt that would trigger exit from a foreign market, or at least serve as a guide to assessing desirable foreign markets.

    Every country around the world has a set of laws and regulations as stipulated by the international organizations on intellectual property rights. Global companies like Pfizer which wish to protect their proprietory technologies can seek protection under such rights.

    Since laws with respect to protecting intellectual property can vary from country to country, it is essential for companies like Pfizer to fully understand such laws by attaining complete knowledge in advance about the existence, legislation and administration of such rights in different countries, especially in countries which have a proven history of theft of intellectual property. This will help in determining the appropriate strategies for protecting one's intellectual property.

    First of all, one of the most important strategies for the company is to obtain worldwide patent, copyright, trademarks,etc. for its proprietory technology or intellectual property in order to prevent other companies from using this technology and thus reaping its benefits. Patents, trademarks,etc. will prevent other competitors from using Pfizer's patented technology without its permission. It will prevent counterfeit products from coming to the market with similar technology.

    It is important to note that intellectual property rights are generally territorial. That is, a U.S.
    patent or trademark provides protection only in the United States; a Japanese patent provides
    protection only in Japan, etc. This means that, in most cases, the first step in protecting
    intellectual property beyond U.S. borders is for companies to register their trademark or patent
    with the appropriate authorities in each country where they seek protection or through
    international treaties that are administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization

    Companies like Pfizer should seek assistance from an attorney familiar with the intellectual property laws of the country or countries where they are interested
    in conducting business to determine the costs and benefits of registration. The U.S. Department
    of Commerce can put companies in contact with U.S. Embassies overseas in order to help
    companies locate local patent and trademark attorneys.

    Once a company has registered its patent or trademark, it can use local laws to enforce its rights.
    Copyright protection may also be enforced using local laws. Enforcement can be through civil
    suits, criminal investigations and prosecutions, or administrative procedures, where ...

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    issues dealing with global technology human resources and the global technology supply chain. See attached file for full problem description.