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    Describing Human Resources Role and Developing the Future Workforce

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    The Future of Human Resources - High Performance Work Systems

    The future of Human Resources is literally a blank slate! Things are changing at a dramatic, almost alarming, rate. Issues may include globalization of the workforce, the changing generational workforce, compensation issues, work-life balance issues, or just the realization that Congress is in session and new legislation may change the workplace dramatically.

    The human element of the workplace is continually evolving also. Teams, made up of international, multi-national, and transitional workers, are driving innovation and creativity. The 21st century HR professional must be in tune with dealing with these diverse and challenging issues.

    Required Reading:

    Please refer to the Activity Resources section of each activity for the required readings.

    The Global Future of HR

    Globalization is the current buzzword. These phenomena can affect many aspects of businesses today. Communications, technology, product and service distribution, human resource management, and the supply chain are just several examples.

    Main Task: Identify the Elements of Globalization to Determine Their Impact on the HR Function
    What does the literature suggest regarding the impact that globalization is having on the HR function specifically? You will now have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the global future by writing a paper focusing on of the major elements of globalization.

    Conduct research to locate at least two (2) scholarly sources regarding globalization and its effect on human resource management specifically. Write a comprehensive paper on the following topic:

    • The core competencies of a Global Human Resources specialist are critical to the success of a global organization. (Be sure to provide specific examples of what these core competencies consist of and how they are applied in a global versus a domestic setting.)
    Support your paper with a minimum of three (3) resources

    Analyze the primary objectives of personnel administration and their contributions to personal and organizational behavior.

    Evaluate the impact of globalization on HR functions.

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    Dear Student,

    I would like to start this response with a quote I ran across from an M.I.T. business professor by the name of Edgar H. Shein: "Leadership will always play a role during those times when a group faces a new problem and must develop responses to the situation. One of the functions of leadership is to provide guidance at precisely those times when the habitual ways of doing things no longer work, or when dramatic change in the work environment requires new responses".
    This is the blank slate in reference to human resources. Organizational structure must evolve, people must evolve, and corporate culture must evolve to adapt to a changing global environment. Companies that are caught off guard will be almost non-existent. We can look at companies like Blackberry who once was the industry leader in smart phone sales. Their static culture and failure to transform has left the company lagging behind other manufacturers in the smart phone industry with the company now fighting for relevance in an industry it once dominated. Human resources is the back bone ...

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    This solution outlines methods for an organization's human resources team to manage for future growth in the global economy.