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Importance of Strategy Implementation in this Relationship

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Identify and analyse the key challenges facing strategic HR management. Evaluate the use of the 'black box' role in describing the strategic logic between a firm's HR architecture, its subsequent performance, and the importance of strategy implementation in this relationship. Finally, analyse the significance of a differentiated HR architecture across firms as well as within the individual firm.

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The key challenges facing strategic human resource management is a useful articulation of the black box that describes the strategic logic between the firm's HR architecture and its subsequent performance. The next challenge is to measure intermediate outcomes and importance of estimating HR's impact in managerial significant terms. The next challenge is to put into operation the process of strategy implementation within SHRM theory so that it can provide a useful guide to empirical work.
Other key challenges facing strategic human resources are to ensure that an employee-organization fit. In practical terms its means choosing employees whose personal values and outlook match organizational values and culture. Further, selecting employees that value teamwork and who can work with other employees. Finally, the challenge is to select employees based on their ability to do the job. Another important challenge for SHRM is to ensure that employees are competent. They fulfill the requirements of the firm to fulfill organizational requirements. An important challenge that strategic human resources faces is to integrate the functional activities of HR with the company's strategic goals. This means the real challenge that HR faces is to take up a bottom line oriented approach. The interests of employees should ...

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Employee-organization fit is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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