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    Relationship between Business Strategy

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    Collaborative Computing and True Enterprise Architecture Is Still Two Years Away, http://ww.cio.com/archive/101501/nobody.html

    B2B: Execution of the Concept Is Key to Success,, http://ww.cio.com.archieve/051502/netgains.html

    Explain the relationship between business strategy and IT strategy. Were there problems with strategy formulation? Were there problems with strategy implementation? Were there problems with the strategic process?

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    //Before understanding the 'Relationship between the Information Technology Strategy' and the 'Business Strategy', we should first, understand the importance of the information technology in business. There is a close relationship between the business strategy and information technology strategy, as explained under. //

    Relationship between Business Strategy and Information Technology Strategy

    The use of Information Technology (IT) in most companies begins with the purchase of hardware, PCs and networks. In these cases the use of IT is based on the opportunities of technology. It is difficult for the companies to specify to what extent their resources and systems benefit the business and add to their market position. In such situations, information technology can be considered as the best to solve this difficulty. Now the companies are well versed the opportunity provided by IT to attain competitive advantage. (Lawson, 2006)

    This IT strategy needs a distinct business strategy. The relationship between IT strategy and business strategy signifies the role of IT in the overall aim of the organization in terms of customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders and authorities. Based on the business strategy, the particular IT strategy can be formulated with respect to the architecture and an infrastructure of the organization. This interrelation between the IT and business ...

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