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    Strategic Human Resources

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    Organizations are facing new challenges as they "go global." What are some organizational issues in technology, communications and staffing that organizations might face as they move operations abroad? How might different management styles be used to deal with these challenges? Use an article from the library or the web that relates to organization change in the international context to anchor your discussion.

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    Strategic planning is imperative to accomplishing the organization goals in a proficient and productive way, in which, the pursuit to succeeding in global markets are attainable. Most organizations conducts required research of the countries to host their company prior to making final strategic decisions on going global, thus, the issues in technology, staffing, and communications depends on the selected host country.

    Every country is not a part of the European Union (EU) for some are and some are not. And, what are these differences that can affect or create issues for organizations?

    So, try to think on the type of country the organization is mainly focus on hosting their operations. Keep in mind going global is complex due to one country is different from another country ...

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    Strategic Human Resources identified processes for using effective technology and communication methods that foster a strong organization to reaching targeted goals, such as, staffing and employee retention.