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Knowledge Management

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Would it be safe to say "An important objective in knowledge management is to ensure that intellectual capital is stored and preserved.'

How would I elaborate on this to get a stong point across to my audience?

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A term is best defined by its use, and therefore it is probably still correct to regard Intellectual Capital (IC) and Knowledge Management (KM) as twins - two branches of the same tree.

People actively using "Intellectual Capital" in their work seem more active in measuring, auditing and valuing issues and in "capturing" knowledge. People actively using "Knowledge Management" seem to fall into two "tracks" depending on their understanding of what "knowledge" is: as a dynamic process or as a static object.Depending on how they understand what knowledge is and their aims both IC and KM actors thus emphasize either the static or the dynamic properties of knowledge. It is emphasized that the static properties of knowledge, that is: inventions, ideas, computer programs, patents, etc., as Intellectual Capital. Edvinsson & Sullivan also include human resources, Human Capital, but emphasize (ibid. p358) that: it is clearly to the advantage of the knowledge firm to transform the innovations produced by its human resource into intellectual assets, to which the firm can assert rights of ownership. One major task of IC managers is to transform human resource into intellectual assets.
Managers should consider the implications for the creating, marketing, and protection of intellectual capital around the world: the new globalism; the death of distance: a 24-hour connected world; preparing for the new globalism; knowledge: a global product; protecting intellectual property in a borderless world; changing to confront the global threat;
The advent of the Internet created a new and different set of opportunities and challenges involving the development and implementation issues of intellectual ...

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