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Women in India's Employment

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With regard to the attached article, I am looking for some help with both another opinion and other sources to answer the following:

1) What initiatives would you say that companies in India are undertaking to attract and retain female employees?

2) Why are companies in India concerned about attracting and retaining female employees?

3) What are the ethical issues, if any, involved in these initiatives?

4) With regard to these initiatives, how might they contribute to the effective management of diversity?

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1) What initiatives would you say that companies in India are undertaking to attract and retain female employees?

Srivastava includes one of the examples to validate how Ernst & Young's Global Shared Services used on-site childcare services as an initiative to bring a working mother back to work as they "...enticed her back with a flexible schedule and a nursery on the ground floor of the company's glass-and-steel building in Bangalore. At first, Rao worked just two hours a day, then four, and after a few weeks went back to full time."

Another initiative involves greater transportation access to accommodate women as Google (GOOG) "...has taxis on call for employees, a particular draw for women who may need to rush home to care for a sick family member."

Some other examples of initiatives come from Infosys (INFY) since they provide female employees with ...

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Women in India's employment issues are examined using the attached article.

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