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    Global Market and Targeted Consumers for India's 'Team Athletic'

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    Using your selected company, product, and country: prepare a detailed outline of the first portion of your International Marketing Plan. Include at least one paragraph addressing each of the following items:

    *The country I have selected is India, the company is 'Team Athletic' and the product/service is athletic shoe.

    I need help with an introduction and (a ) 1 and 2.


    a. Analyze of the various types of buyers in the international marketplace and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

    1) Identify potential target markets in a global environment.
    2) Evaluate the market potential of a targeted buyer/consumer segments.

    *Please provide all references used.

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    Types of Buyers in International Marketplace


    With the effect of globalization, most of the companies are trying to expand their operations and processes at global level. Team Athletic, that is an Indian company, is also trying to expand its operations beyond its national limits. For successful expansion in global environment, it is essential that the company identifies the types of buyers or target markets that it can serve in global environment with their market potential (Pride & Ferrell, 2004). This analysis of the company in terms of its potential target markets and their market potential will be discussed in this paper.

    Potential Target Markets in Global Environment

    Nowadays, world has emerged as a global environment in which firms from different countries operate in an inclusive manner. Similar is the situation with Indian company, Team Athletic as it ...

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    Global market and targeted consumers for India's 'Team Athletic' is examined.