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Final International Marketing Plan for India and Team Athletic

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Prepare a final version of your International Marketing Plan including a cover letter, cover page, and executive summary. Update and revise your plan based on the following considerations:

The country I have selected is India, the company is 'Team Athletic' and the product/service is athletic shoe.

I need help with one part-Latest Market Developments and Include a section on how to handle international Ethics concerns

Please provide all references used.

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This solution prepares a final international marketing plan for India an Team Athletic.

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Latest Market Developments and International Ethics Concerns

Latest Market Developments

For successful international expansion, the Team Athletic needs to review the market and the latest market developments emerging in the market. With this market analysis only, the company can successfully enter different foreign locations. With a thorough analysis of market, the company can become able in knowing the importance of emerging market developments (Ball & McCulloch, 1982). Nowadays, in market, international trade is considered as vital engine for economic development and growth. A company that operates at international level is considered as a competent company.

In addition to the growing importance of international trade, another substantial development in market is related with e-commerce that also needs to be considered by Team Athletic. Electronic commerce pertains to doing business electronically. Nowadays, ...

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