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    Strategic plan

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    Please help me summarize these items on Aetna Insurance

    1. Planning horizons (2,3,5 years) for Aetna
    2. Current status of organization
    3. Future position.
    4. Tactical plan(s) to achieve strategic goals
    5. Insurance companies
    6. Determine strategic options
    7. Assess financial capacity
    8. Determine capital outlay requirements
    9. Revenue/expense projections
    10. Forecast cash flow
    11. Moving the agenda forward in the organization
    12. Change management plans

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    1. Planning horizons (2,3,5 years) for Aetna:
    The planning horizon for Aetna is two years for improving the relationships with physicians and members. The planning horizon is 3 years for having employees purchase health care on well-defined contribution basis. It has a planning horizon of 3 years for the objective of improving its medical-loss ration. The percentage of every premium dollar that is spent on medical care needs to be increased. For this it needs to face increasing medical costs, and hostility to managed care.
    2. Current status of organization: Aetna operates in three segments: Health Care, Group Insurance and Large Case Pensions. In addition, Aetna has on March 31st 2006 purchased Broadspire Disability, which offers absence management services, short and long term disability administration and leave management to employers.
    3. Future position:
    From the acquisition of Broadspire Disability we can reach the conclusion that Aetna is interested in long and short term disability administration and leave management. In addition, Aetna also needs to improve its image in case of diseases like attention deficit disorder, aggression and depression. The company has got a bad name implementing the four visit limit, that the company disregards the ...

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