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    Sales Plan: Smart Phones in the Maturity Phase

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    Smartphones are leaving the growth phase and moving into the maturity phase, our product life cycle change to maturity. If we take the iPhone into maturity, we will need a solution to take the phone back into the growth phase of the PLC.

    Learning Team Assignment: Sales Plan: Phase Three
    You are the vice president of sales for the company of the product or service that you selected. You have been asked to prepare a sales plan for the CEO .You have learned that your product life cycle has changed. Select a new product life cycle stage. The new product life cycle stage will be (Maturity Stage)

    I need help with Writing a 600-word minimum revised sales plan that including charts and data graphs. Address the following in your revised sales plan:

    Develop a plan for ongoing customer relationships and evaluate what incremental opportunities are available.-

    APA standards.
    Note: Please be sure content is in present tense and in-text citations.
    We will be building onto and altering the paper from week 3 (attached).

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    With the sales plan Phase two, it is clear that Apple is one of the most thriving cell phone suppliers since the release of the iPhone in 2007, but now it is confronting severe competition and due to this its product iPhone is leaving growth phase and moving to maturity phase (Apple, n.d.). The movement of product towards another phase of life cycle requires effective measures as otherwise it can head toward decline phase. The iPhone must persist to grow to stay ahead of the competition and always to augment sales.

    One effective way to do this is, developing a sales plan for its maturity phase that can keep the product flourishing and step-up the products revenues as it proceeds. As vice president of sales for Apple (Apple, n.d.), it is incumbent upon company's sales team to implement this plan with effective measures.

    Product Life Cycle Status of iPhone

    Apple's iPhone is leaving out of the growth stage of product life cycle because of present intense competition. Now it is entering the maturity stage of its product life cycle that requires effective strategies for maintaining the growth or sale of the product (Apple, n.d.). By developing an effective sales plan for product's maturity stage it can be managed effectively and can be headed back toward its growth stage. Subsequent are the various aspect that need to be considered in sales plan for managing iPhone in maturity stage:

    Sales Objectives:
    Everyone knows that maturity phase of a product is characterized by slowing of growth rates of sales and profits, so it is essential ...

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    This solution provides a sales plan for ongoing customer relationships and evaluate what incremental opportunities are available.