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    BUSN300-1101B-18 Lower Division Capstone
    Assignment Name: Unit 4 Discussion Board

    Find an example of a recent major decision (whether in business, politics, etc.) that was made based on assumptions that turned out to be incorrect.
    Explain why at least 2 assumptions for this decision were incorrect, and explain what led to their use as a basis for the decision.
    What would you have done to test the validity of the assumptions? What specific kinds of research, testing, or surveying might you have performed if you were the decision maker in a similar situation in the future? What, if anything, would you do differently about the assumptions being made?

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    One example of a recent business decision that turned out to be incorrect was the development and launching of Kin. This was a family of mobile phones from Microsoft that sold through Verizon Wireless. There were two assumptions that were made for the phone. First that Verizon would promote the phones actively. Second its was assumed that the price of $50 for Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm of $100 was adequate. Both these assumption were incorrect. First, Verizon personnel were trained to sell connections and not mobile phones. They were interested more in marketing their products than a phone from Microsoft. The ...

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