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Develop a plan for ongoing customer relationships

You are the vice president of sales for Apple and for the product iPhone 4, You have been asked to prepare a sales plan for the CEO. You have learned that your product life cycle has changed and is in the maturity phase. Given this fact, write one paragraph including:

* Develop a plan for ongoing customer relationships and evaluate what incremental opportunities are available.

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Sales Plan
The Sales Strategy for iPhone 4
Product Description
The iPhone 4 has HD video recording, retina display and Face time video calling. It is a phone that you can use on the supported GSM wireless career of your choice and also you can activate. The unlocked iPhone is the best choice if one prefers to use a local carrier when traveling abroad and if one doesn't want a multiyear service contract. One will need an active micro-SIM card from any supported GSM carrier worldwide since the phone arrives without a micro-SIM card (Sigal, 2010).
Marketing segments
The target segments for Apple's iPhone 4 are corporate users, students and professionals. It will also consist of companies with $10 to $50 million in annual sales. The market segmentation strategy for iPhone enables the company to channel strategies to support customers, enables the company to drive unified and complete product solutions ...

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The expert develops a plan for ongoing customer relationships.