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    Successful Implementation of a Plan

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    Based on the grand strategy you selected, what are the necessary steps to ensure successful implementation? What are the Critical Success Factors to realize the full potential of the plan?

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    Grand Strategy Selected: Business Change Strategy

    Business Change Strategy. A strategy which has been growing sharply due to its relation to business evolution. A "changed" business will eventually induce new changes in the business environment, and evolution will grow increasingly faster.

    Multinational companies have adopted new structures through re-engineering efforts designed to enhance operating efficiencies and to align their employee populations to help achieve a new 'customer-centric' focus. At the same time, increased competition across industry sectors has fueled an intense period of mergers and acquisitions, as corporations battle for share-of-voice, share-of-market and share-of-mind among consumers.


    AVON - with its house-to-house selling system, Avon boasts now a better business than its physical-store counterparts.

    MICROSOFT - pioneered the direct selling of software packages to computer makers, who in turn sold their machines with built-in software

    Steps to Successful Change:

    1. Vision - This is the "What." What does this look like when we are finished - the future state. Leaders should help people see it and communicate their role in the future.

    2. A Case for Action - Creating a sense of urgency. This tool not only conveys the need for change and the vision, it also conveys the "why." Why do we need to change? What are the motivating factors? What are the trends in the industry, competition, etc.?

    3. Developing a Roadmap - Develop a comprehensive plan - a step by step description to the vision of the future.

    4. Communication - This ...

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