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    Strategic Implementation and Alignment Issues

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    Strategic Implementation and Alignment Issues

    I need to develop an implementation plan with consideration given to structural, leadership and cultural issues in Law Enforcement.

    The resulting paper should describe a brief snapshot of your implementation plan, usually a road map with appropriate sign posts over the relevant period that details the tactical plans to achieve your selected strategy. If applicable, explain how the tactical plans at each level of the organization support the activities at other organizational levels. Describe the key success factors and the related competencies required to implement the strategy successfully and relate how those factors are addressed by the implementation plan.

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    Title: Strategic implementation and alignment issues

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    Strategic implementation and alignment issues
    The main purpose of this paper is to come up with an implementation plan which will be incorporated within a law enforcement implementation plan. Normally, implementation plans should be succinct but this does not mean that any important information should be buried; Jargon free meaning that the implementation plan should be understood by any individual using them, the decisions on the forward pathways should be clear meaning that the implementation plan needs to recognize any unknowns as well as the known and addressing how the unknowns will be addressed.

    The strategy to be implemented is the structural, leadership and cultural issues within law enforcement. For the strategy to be implemented, the leader within the law enforcement has to be able to translate his or her strategic vision into a series of concrete steps which allows things to get done. Strategy formulation normally entails heavy vision doses, analysis and entrepreneurial judgment. In addition to this, successful strategy implementation is based on the way a worker is able to work with other workers therefore organizing, motivating, culture-building, and creating stronger fits.

    When it comes to strategy implementation, the job of the strategy manager within a law enforcement firm may be considered as complicated depending on the variety of ways that the manager uses to approach a task. There are several steps which should be followed during the whole process of implementing a strategy. The various strategy issues related to law enforcement. These structural issues contribute to the failure of the law enforcement such as in the police department. However, not only structural ...

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    Strategic implementation and alignment issues are examined.