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Alignment of Selected Implementation Strategies

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Discuss your project strategic plan to further refine it by comparing and contrasting various implementation strategies for operations management.

The rationale must be based on a review of the available literature on implementation strategies for the selected operations management situation/company.

Describe the alignment of the selected implementation strategies to meet the needs of the operations management.
Evaluate the cost implications of the strategy implementation plan.

Review and provide meaningful comments to your peer postings and provide helpful resources as applicable.

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//Before writing about the project strategic plan, a brief overview of the identified implementation strategies will be given. It will provide assistance in assessing the effectiveness of the implementation strategies for fulfilling the requirements of the operations management of Hewlett Packard.//

Project Strategic Plan for HP

Strategic framework is essential to be adopted by all kinds of business organizations for attaining the desired goals and objectives. The project strategic plan for Hewlett Packard is based on the analysis of the implementation strategies with respect to the fulfillment of the needs of the operations management of the company. The identified implementation strategies for the company are merger and acquisition, organic expansion, innovative product portfolio and research based development (Brache & Bodley-Scott, 2006).

These strategies are helpful for the company in expanding its business operations in the global market place and enhancing its level of competence. Moreover, the strategic base of the company is also supportive for enhancing the aspects of operations management. The different business sectors of the company are integrated through the strategy base, which is helpful in alleviating the status of the business operations. Quality and customer satisfaction aspects within the product portfolio are also justified with the assistance of the consideration of the appropriate operational strategy (Lewis, Goodman, Fandt & Michlitsch, 2006).

//After discussing about the general overview of the strategic plan for the company, we will write about the comparison ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 999 words with references.

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