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Project Rationale

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Further refine your project plan by writing a formal one page project rationale (justification for your project) and post it to the Discussion Board.

The rationale must include the anticipated strategic impact of the project on the organization.
Describe the alignment of the selected strategies to meet the needs of the organization.
Evaluate the cost implications of the strategy implementation.
Evaluate the forecasting, planning products, processes, technologies and facilities.
Evaluate the demand and inventory in the production systems, control for productivity quality and reliability.
Provide helpful resources and comments to your peer postings.
Suggested discussion questions:

What areas have you found most difficult in this process? How are you going to include these in the delimitations?
Provide helpful resources that you've found for this project that may be of help to your peers.
Have your assumptions changed any since your original assumptions?

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// In the given paper, we are going to discuss the strategies, which have an impact the project and the organization. The alignment of different strategies, the cost of the strategies, and different functions of a project strategy will also be discussed. Before starting the paper, it is important for us to know about the project and organization. Our selected organization is McDonald's and the project is the impacts of its major strategies.//


The efficient service and the superb quality are the two things that distinguish McDonald's from its competitors. The quality of the products is maintained at any cost and the services are same at all stores. Synchronized services and high quality attracts the customer to come again. Customer comes to the store not only for the quality of the product but also to spend some quality time, which is an added advantage for McDonald's. Cleanliness of the store is another aspect, which is taken care of by the employees of the organization. Customers of McDonald's include people from all walks of life who are from kids to adults and having varied tastes and preferences (Schuler, R. S., & Millan, I. M., 1984).

Earlier the main objective of the organization was to earn profit only because earlier, the customers were not that much aware of the market. But as the awareness among the customer has increased, that have become demanding and are not ready to compromise on the quality and the services because better substitutes are easily available in the market. Ignoring the threat from competitors can cause serious problems for the organization, so McDonald's needs to innovate its product and services continuously in order to maintain its market position.

Innovation in service and quality can only make the organization grow in today's consumer centric era. The image of the organization plays huge importance in attracting the customer (Grant, 1991).

Strategy of McDonald's

// In the following section, we are going to discuss the anticipated strategic impact of the project on the organization. The strategies discussed in this section are quality, service, cleanliness and value, which have a direct impact on the performance of the organization.//

Anticipated strategic impact of the project on the organization:

The project is targeted towards analyzing the impact of quality improvement of the products. McDonald's can take a lead in this direction and hence, can set certain benchmarks for other restaurants in this field. This will help the company to create an image of an innovator into the mind of the customer and will definitely get a first mover advantage. Hygiene of the restaurants is another area where the management has to take extra care. Hygienic stores make the environment ...

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