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Likert Scale & Global Strategy

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Rate the match between the analytical segments of the external environment and the generic and grand strategies on a Likert Scale from 1 to 10-1 being "very poor match" to 10 being "perfect match". Explain your rating.

Identify and name a firm you believe is effectively executing a global strategy and from your research (please, stray from obscure choices, but do be creative.;-) Discuss the alignment you believe it has achieved between environment and strategic choice.

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// This paper highlights the global strategy followed by Microsoft Corporation, which is rated using Likert scale taking the parameters of environment and strategic choice. But before getting to the topic, let's first, understand the concept of 'Global Strategy'. //

Global Strategy

The major emphasis of a global strategy is on enhancing the overall profitability by the marketing of similar goods and services with least product variation by region. An organization can gain a large number of competitive advantages by following and implementing a global strategy (Kazmi, 2002). These competitive advantages can be in the form of increased efficiency, productivity, learning, reputation and profitability (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2007).

// After understanding the concept of global strategy; we establish the Company under discussion that is Microsoft Corporation and provide a brief introduction.//

Name of the Organization: Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft is a multinational organization based in the United States which deals in computer technology. It was founded in 1975 and has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The ...

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The response address the queries posted in 631 words with references.

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