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Systems solution, online travel agency

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Business situation that requires a systems solution( I have selected a small online travel agency). Need to write a 1-2 page Statement of Intention that states the business need to be solved, identifies the purpose of the project, and lists constraints and assumptions used in defining the project.

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//As per the directions, we will write about the business situation of the online travel agency, which requires a system solution. Then, we will write about the statement of intention that states the business needs, to be solved. It will assist in understanding the business requirements and the resolution strategies for the online travel agency.//

Online Travel Agency

The online travel agency supplies its traveling related services through the online source, which assists the customers in attaining their services at any point of time. It is a small travel agency, having well integrated and committed employees and its main focus is on providing effective services to the clients, so that, they can reach their destinations in an effective manner. The company's business management arrangement comprising of the online system, has become outdated and needs to be modified, so ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 544 words with references.

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