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Peer to Peer e-business defined

What is Peer to Peer e-business? What e-business Peer to Peer strategy might be used to provide consumer information or educational services?

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From user to user, Peer-to-peer implies that either side can initiate a session and has equal responsibility. Peer-to-peer is a somewhat confusing term, because it has always been contrasted to a central system that initiates and controls everything. But in practice, two users on a peer-to-peer system often require data from a third computer. For example, the infamous Napster file sharing service was always called a "peer-to-peer network," but its use of a central server to store the public directory made it both centralized and peer-to-peer.

"Both terrorism and the technology of connectedness are leading us to adopt the Peer-to-Peer philosophy. Its 3 maxims are:
1. Small is Better - Small units make small or insignificant targets. What terrorist would target a home business? Small units act and react fast. There is no chain of command to slow things down.
2. Decentralization brings power - The far flung Internet is less vulnerable to terror because there is no central control. A terrorist may destroy part of the network, but not the whole thing. ...

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