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Organizational Culture's Effects on Organizational Strategy

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There is a need for analyzing and reviewing alignment and congruence, inputs, outputs, and processes. The value lies in the fact that if an organization is aligned to its strategy, the resources that are taken from the external environment ( input) and the output is aligned to the organization, there is efficiency and high level of productivity. If the organizational culture and structure is aligned to the organizational strategy the implementation of the strategy improves. If there is congruence between the input, the throughput and output wastage is reduced.

In National Presto Industries, Inc have three businesses house-wares, defense, and absorbent products. The environmental factors like social factors, political factors, technological factors, and economic factors are analyses and their effects are examined. The inputs are the raw materials that go into making cookers, the throughput is the process of making cookers, and the output is the product ( its quality/ its cost). Feedback is the information received from the customers. Since, National Presto Industries, Inc has the strategy of differentiating its cookers and appliances, its organizational commitment to quality and customer value is examined during OD. Deficiencies are corrected. The alignment of the organization, strategy, and the environment is achieved to maximize the success of National Presto Industries, Inc.

"If the organizational culture and structure is aligned to the organizational strategy the implementation of the strategy improves." By that statement, isn't strategy already implemented and working well?

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The statement "if the organizational culture and structure is aligned to the organizational strategy the implementation of the strategy improves", does not necessarily mean that the strategies are ...

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Organizational culture's effects

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