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Strategic Plan for Operational Management safety & Control

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Project is Amazon.com, Operational Management safety & Control

Discuss your project strategic plan to further refine it by comparing and contrasting various implementation strategies for operations management.

The rationale must be based on a review of the available literature on implementation strategies for the selected operations management situation/company.

Describe the alignment of the selected implementation strategies to meet the needs of the operations management.

Evaluate the cost implications of the strategy implementation plan.

Review and provide meaningful comments to your peer postings and provide helpful resources as applicable.

Here's the objective:

Develop and apply new strategies and techniques for managing the supply chain as the global economy evolves.

Develop and implement an approach to convert project requirements into a project plan that meets cost, schedule and performance requirements.

To explore the interdependencies between product and process design, production and service strategies, inventory planning, and quality.

Demonstrate collaborative, analytical and communication skills.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1394 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1394 words with references.

// In the given case, the discussion of the project will be based on the Amazon.com operational management safety and control. In which, strategic plan would be developed for the operation management //


The given project is related on Amazon.com operational management safety and control. In the project, the discussion will be based on the operational management safety and control of the company. So, to analyze and understand the strategic plan, the implementation strategies for operational management should be explained by comparing and contrasting them. The objective of the project will be to develop new strategies and techniques for the implementation and management of supply chain in the global economic world.

After the development of strategies and techniques, a proper approach will help the project in meeting the project's requirement like cost, schedule and performance. The research on mutuality of product and process design, production and service strategies, inventory planning and quality, would take place in the project. Amazon.com is a multinational electronic commerce company from America. The headquarters of the company is located in Seattle, Washington and it is known as world's largest online retail company. The company was established in 1994, by Jeff Bezos.

// After the brief description about the project, development of strategic plan and techniques will be discussed in this part //

Project Plan

Supply chain management will be the best and effective strategic plan for the company to develop the operational management. In the competitive era, the traditional plans and models restrict the thinking and processes of the country within the boundary of a country, but the supply chain management enables the company to spread its business all over the world to improve the economy. This strategic plan helps the business in spreading the supply chain operations world wide. It is considered as a modern technique for operational management and improves the economic prosperity of the country (Supply Chain Management, 2010).

The main tool of this strategy is information technology and this tool comforts in creating the business. The strategic plan focuses on important strategies such as operational models, decision making ...

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