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    Strategic Choices 1

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    Look at the top management team at Toyota and analyze how they use structure, controls and culture to implement their strategy and fulfill their corporate mission.

    Step One: After reviewing the background materials on strategy and structure, controls, and culture, read the following article:

    Norihiko Shirouzu. (2010, April 14). Inside Toyota, Executives Trade Blame Over Debacle. Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), p. A.1. Retrieved May 17, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. **FILE IS ATTACHED**

    Step Two: Research the company annual report to get information about the structure, controls, and culture of Toyota from the company perspective.

    Step Three: Comment on how one or more of these implementation factors may account for the Toyota safety scandals and the company's current failure to accomplish their mission.

    The case question is:
    How do the strategic implementation factors contribute to the safety scandals currently facing Toyota?

    This is a very big question. Feel free to concentrate and go in depth on any one of these three, the structure, culture, and controls. You may pick one of these and really get in to depth. OR you can take all three of these issues and give a cursory overview of how these factors have impacted Toyota's ability to achieve their mission.

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    The strategy implementation factors directly contributed to the safety scandals currently facing Toyota. Each of the three, namely structure, culture and controls were responsible for the safety scandals. The new strategy unveiled by Toyota was that the company should grow rapidly all over the world . This strategy would be implemented not by increasing the exports of Toyota but by setting up Toyota manufacturing faculties all over the world. This would require a change in the structure of the organization. There would be a need to set up Toyota manufacturing units all over the world. These units would have to be given a degree of authority and freedom. They would be required to operate from a foreign country(1).
    This means a change in Toyota structure from a relatively vertical structure to a horizontal structure. The sales managers of each of these units were given sales and profit targets. These sales and profitability goals in fact become the controls for these managers located abroad. It was ingrained in these managers that their main objectives were sales growth and profitability. One of the direct methods by which Toyota managers tried to implement the policy of higher profitability was to combine functions into fewer parts and system. These managers changed the way cars were ...

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