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    1) In estimating revenues for a business case companies often require a range of results to be evaluated. What are they usually? How does this help in decision making? Give an example from your experience where this might have been useful.

    2) We're in a global economy. What are some of the cultural factors you should consider when developing a decision implementation plan?

    3) What forms of resistance should you consider when implementing a decision plan? How would you counter the resistance?

    4) The failure to plan ahead has been described as the single greatest impediment to efficient decision making. What considerations should be addressed to insure the successful implementation of a decision? Why? What can be done about it?

    5) According to Robbins in "Decide" Quantity of information is not synonymous with quality. How do we know when enough information has been collected to make a decision? How do we judge its quality?

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    //Before writing about the cultural factors, which should be considered, when developing a 'Decision Implementation Plan', it is essential to have knowledge about the methods for analyzing the revenue of the given Company that is CFoex, Inc.//

    1).For the evaluation of revenues CFoex, Inc. A truck loading company used the following methods:-

    1. Income approach

    2. Market Approach

    3. Asset Approach

    Income approach: - In income approach, following methods can be used for estimating revenues:

    A. Discounted Income method: In this method CFoex, Inc. Uses present value of future debt free cash inflows or dividends for estimating revenues.

    B. Capitalized economic income method

    Market Approach:-Under this method company uses an appropriate multiple of revenues, earnings, cash flows or dividend paid of the representative company in the market and then applies to their own company being valued. It is used because clear comparison can be easily done.

    Asset Approach:-In this method, the company uses the market value of asset by subtracting the present value of assets from present value of liabilities. This approach is very helpful in decision making because the company's tangible and intangible assets are adjusted according to their fair market value and liabilities are deducted and the company's equity value can be easily determined.

    //Above is the discussion of methods for analyzing the revenue of the Company. Moving to the next part of the directions, description about the cultural factors that should be considered when developing a decision implementation plan is to be focused.//

    2) In developing the decision implementation plan, cultural factors are as important as the other factors. For the successful implementation of the decision, a company should take into consideration the following cultural factors:-

    Demographic factors: - demographic factors are the factors which are related to personal characteristics like age, ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1195 words with references.