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Scenario applying critical thinking

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Illustrate a scenario applying critical thinking to a work-related decision, and the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making processes.

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A scenario for applying critical thinking is examined.

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Critical thinking can be defined as the ability for someone to think critically and rationally towards something or somebody. Critical thinking can also be said to be a process which involves actively and skilful conceptualization, application, analysis and evaluation of information that is gathered from or generated by observation, experience, reasoning or even reflection as a belief to a guide or an action. Critical thinking is based on the universal intellectual values. Another definition of critical thinking is that it is a mode of thinking about anything that the thinker chooses to think about, that improves the quality of the thinker's thinking by taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing intellectual standards on them (Defining Critical, 2011).

Application of Critical Thinking to a Work Related Decision:

Within a work environment, critical thinking is very important. Such an illustration exists where critical thinking is required in making a decision where one earns less and would want to meet his or her expenses. In a rental business where income is not always guaranteed because of the economy going down and jobs becoming hard to get by which means that tenants have either low income or no income at all. Owning rental units in poverty level neighbourhoods is a given that more expenses than income can be a real struggle. In such a situation, one is required to think critically in order for the business to pay the expenses and the employees, which poses to be a challenge (Critical Thinking, 2012).

Knowing that all rentals are paid off, having to pay two or three of the employees would be a positive, the owner decides not to take a weekly pay but instead takes ...

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