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Critical thinking in the workplace

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Apply critical thinking to the decision-making process by discussing workplace examples that highlight EMOTIONAL, PESSIMISTIC AND OPTIMISTIC thinking.

Between 200-275 words.

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The expert examines critical thinking in the workplace which highlights emotional, pessimistic and optimistic thinking in the decision-making processes.

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Generally, critical thinking is a way of thinking which is analytical, logical, and results in few answers. It is often described as vertical, logically moving up until one arrives at a correct answer. It starts with one problem, gathering of adequate data, processing the data through logical thinking and mathematical processes, until a decision maker arrives at one answer. (Quinn, 1996).
One factor that influences the choice of a decision or one answer to a problem identified is the psychological orientation of the decision maker. The optimistic manager will follow a maximax choice, that is, maximizing the possible maximum payoff. The pessimist will follow a maximin choice, that is, maximizing the possible minimum payoff. Emotional ...

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