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    Critical, Logical, Persuasive and Creative Thinking

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    Compare and contrast logical thinking versus creative and persuasive thinking. Comment on how logical thinking affects the critical-thinking process. Finally, apply critical thinking to the decision-making process by discussing workplace examples that highlight logical thinking.

    Around 400 words full essay not needed!

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    Logical thinking is the ability to think chronologically in a cause and effect manner. This stems from the fact that logical thinking is a critical thinking process where a problem is assessed and then solutions are proposed. Finally, the best solution possible for the problem proposed is selected as the solution for the problem. Creative thinking is different because while creative thinking also has to follow a chronological pattern at times and has to analyze a situation, it presents an original idea and describes a way of solving a problem which may not seem logical or as the best solution at first. It is based on the pure ...

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    This solution helps compare and contrast logical thinking versus creative and persuasive thinking.