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Dimensions of Critical Thinking

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Write a one-page essay in which you explore insights into your own critical thinking process gained through this exercise. "Dimensions of Critical Thinking"

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The solution provides various definitions of critical thinking. It also discusses how the definition varies between scholars and finally discusses different dimensions of critical thinking. The solution also attaches three reference articles that could be used in any paper related to critical thinking.

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Dear Student,
Following is the detail guideline and references related to the concept of critical thinking and its dimensions. I will also be available to review your final essay.
Thank you.

You can start your paper with a quote from Dr. Richard Paul of Center for Critical Thinking: "Thinking about thinking while thinking in order to make thinking better"

Define critical thinking. There are many different types of definitions by many different scholars. According to Paul (1990):
"Critical thinking is disciplined, self-directed thinking which exemplifies the perfections of thinking appropriate to a particular mode or domain of thought. It comes in two forms. If disciplined to serve the interests of a particular individual or group, to the exclusion of other relevant persons and groups, it is sophistic or weak sense critical thinking If disciplined to take into account the interests of diverse persons or groups, it is fair-minded or strong sense critical thinking."

Read the short essay by Richard Paul (1990). This is a very interesting essay that explains the concept of critical thinking in great detail.

As you read more on critical thinking you will notice that most of the definitions of critical thinking are either product or process oriented (McLean, 2005). The product oriented definitions discuss the decisions made about thinking. For example, "calling into question the assumptions underlying our customary, habitual ...

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