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The Relationship between Cultural and Cross Cultural Pyschology

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Define cultural and cross cultural psychology.

Analyze the relationship between cultural and cross cultural psychology.

Discuss the role of critical thinking in cross cultural psychology.

Discuss the methodology associated with cross cultural research.

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The relationship between cultural and cross cultural psychology is integrated in this solution. This solution also provides five APA references (print) and five online resources.

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1. Define cultural and cross cultural psychology.

Cultural psychology and cross cultural psychology are two branches or fields of psychology.

Cross-cultural psychology investigates how cultural factors influences human behavior. In fact, an increasing number of psychologists investigate how behavior differs among various cultures throughout the world (http://psychology.about.com/od/branchesofpsycholog1/f/cross-cultural.htm). This can be traced back to the inscription of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) established in 1972 (http://www.iaccp.org/), and cross-cultural psychology has continued to grow and develop since that time.

On the other hand, according to Shweder (1991), "Cultural psychology is the study of the way cultural traditions and social practices regulate, express, and transform the human psyche, resulting less in psychic unity for humankind than in ethnic divergences in mind, self, and emotion" (1991, p. 72). Cultural psychology is that branch of psychology, which deals with the study and impact of culture, tradition and social practices on psyche for the unity of humankind.
Cultural psychology has three schools of thought, activity theory, the symbolic approach, and an individualistic approach. Activity theory explains psychology as grounded in practical cultural activities. The symbolic approach explains psychology as formed by collective symbols and concepts. The individualistic approach emphasizes individual construction of psychological functions from collective symbols and artifacts. (http://www.sonic.net/~cr2/three.htm)

2. Analyze the relationship between cultural and cross cultural psychology.

The field of cross-cultural psychology (CCP) gained importance recently, following unprecedented emigration and globalization. "Culture" is defined "as the shared norms, values and behaviors of groups and individuals in those groups." ...

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