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    Cross Cultural Analysis

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    Identify a cross cultural analysis. How might an organization use a cross cultural analysis to influence the consumer behavior within a cultural not its own? Include References please

    Please include:
    1. Defined cross-cultural analysis.
    2. Described the purpose and value of cross-cultural analysis.
    3. Analyzed how an organization could use a cross-cultural analysis to influence consumer behavior in a different cultural environment.

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    1. Define cross-cultural analysis.
    Globalization, technology revolution, and increased geographical expansion of organizations have brought a dramatic change in the frequency, context and means using which people from different cultural backgrounds interact with each other. It is essential for an organization to understand the importance of diverse cultures for development and maintenance of business relationships and business networks within a cross-cultural business environment.
    Cross cultural analysis can be defined as a method, central to many social sciences involving the comparative examination of differing cultures. It is also known as comparative analysis.
    Businesses are operating in highly diverse environment today. Diverse cultural backgrounds between highly diverse staff base bring obstacles, challenges and difficulties to organizations. Cross cultural differences are visible in various areas such as in behavior, etiquettes, norms, values, attitude, communication etc. These general cross cultural differences affects high level areas too such as management styles, corporate culture, marketing etc. of an organization. Cross cultural analysis helps a company in understanding its employee's behavior, buyer's behavior and supplier's behavior in cross cultural working environment.
    2. Described the purpose and value of cross-cultural analysis.
    In an organization, all members of the group belong to different culture and share their own attitude, personality, values etc. It affects their working style, ...

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