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    the relationship between behavior and culture

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    What is the relationship between behavior and culture? Why is it important to understand this relationship? What is the role of research in cross-cultural psychology? What are some research trends in the field of cross-cultural psychology?

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    As you assess the relationship between behavior and culture, culture serves as a GPS of sorts, guiding people on norms, moral and religious actions, expectations, and other critical aspects. It is vital to examine this union since culture is such a pervasive force in our lives, so better understanding its influence can allow us to better understand and accept differences and also bridge them to a more harmonious working and living relationships among all mankind.

    Another article looks at the role of research:

    Mankowski, E. S., Galvez, G., & Glass, N. (2011). Interdisciplinary Linkage of Community Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology: History, ...

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    This posting briefly assesses the relationship between behavior and culture using references to validate.