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Ethics and Ethical Behavior in Corporate Culture

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How is ethics and ethical behavior apparent in corporate culture? What is the relationship between law, values and ethical behavior? How do these work in unison to ensure business? A re there times when law, values, and ethical behavior may not work in unison?

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How is ethics and ethical behavior apparent in corporate culture?

Ethics is prominent in corporate culture in a number of ways. For example, Guardsmark is known for their ethics. They strive to do whatever is needed in order to have the highest customer service possible. They started up in 1963, and this organization stresses excellence with their security solutions. Furthermore, their approach is very strategic, and all who are employed with them are educated regularly. Learning is a daily occurrence, so that they are able to make a difference in the lives of their consumers. Furthermore, they are open to development, and are always seeking ways to improve. In essence, this business consists of many servant leaders seeking to do the best for their target market.

Guardsmark. (2012). Our approach. Retrieved on May 3, 2012. ...

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This solution discussed ethics and the behavior of others in corporate culture. This includes the relationship between law, values and ethical behavior.

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