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Relationship between culture and behavior

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Please discuss the relationship between culture and behavior.

Include a discussion on how a culture's beliefs and values inform its behavior.

Illustrate your main points with examples.

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Culture and behavior are closely related to each other and we can safely assume that an individual's cultural and ethnic background has an important bearing on his or her personal and professional behavior. The way a human being behaves in his person and professional lives is heavily affected by the cultural values, beliefs and philosophies he is grown with. As each culture is unique in terms of beliefs, values, practices and philosophies, individuals tend to behave differently others in different scenarios. Let us try to understand this with the help of few examples.

Let's take the case of a culture or society in which family is given more important or in other words, people are brought up in a collectivistic culture. For example, let us take the case of an individual from country like India or China versus individual from ...

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The relationship between culture and behavior is discussed. The culture's beliefs and values informs its behaviors are provided.