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    Practical Application of Correlational Research in the Workplace

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    Share the practical applications of the study from the Unit 2 Individual Project. How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace?

    Briefly describe co relational research. Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a co relational relationship and explain why you would choose these two? What did you learn about correlation and causation while completing the course?

    Please answer following questions completely. Your overall answer should be two pages. You have the Unit Two Individual Project.

    · Describe how results of Unit 2 survey can be used in the workplace.
    · Describe correlational research.
    · Name variable from Unit 2 survey and one from workplace that have correlational relationship.
    · Explain why you chose these two variables.
    · Describe what you learned about correlation and causation during course.

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    Describe how results of Unit 2 survey can be used in the workplace.
    Statistical analysis often helps in decision making when situations with uncertainty are faced. Such situations are often handled by estimating probabilities from relevant data. The results of the AIU survey can be used by the managers for various purposes. Few of the examples are:

    - to hire people that are relatively more satisfied based on the profiling
    - to study the overall satisfaction of employees and draw policies that can influence the overall satisfaction of the employees. From the analysis, we can see that only 12 out of 29 employees have satisfaction more than 4.7
    - to maintain the gender balance, if needed. For example, in our analysis earlier, we saw that there are 55.17% of females. So, if AIU needs to maintain 50: 50 ratio of males and females, AIU ...

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