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    Regression Analysis: Correlational Research

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    Correlational Research

    Being able to statistically analyze data is only part of the skillset needed to be successful in the workplace. What do the results mean and how can they be applied by management?

    ?Paragraph 1: Briefly describe correlational research. (Research is required)
    ?Paragraph 2: Select a variable from the study used in this course and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship. Explain why you would choose these two?
    ?Paragraph 3: How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace?

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    Description of correlational research:

    According to Waters (n.d), correlational research is a quantitative research method which aims at identifying the relations between two more variables. Hypothesis used in correlational research can either imply a positive, negative or no correlation between the research variables. Loma & Li (2011) provide that correlational research examines a wide range of factors that include the relation between two or more variables and development and testing of a theoretical model to explain the correlation. A researcher is able to make weak causal inferences about the correlations but correlation does not indicate causation (Lomax & Li, 2011). ...

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    The solution provides a regressional analysis regarding correlational research.