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    Describing correlational and causation research

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    Briefly describe correlational research. Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship and explain why you would choose these two? What did you learn about correlation and causation while completing the course?

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    Correlational research is typically used when we lack the control required for an experiment. Often we are unable to manipulate a variable (due to cost, ethics, or impracticality), so instead of looking to see whether changes in one variable CAUSE changes in another, we simply look to see if the two variables change TOGETHER. Correlational research allows us to look for a relationship between 2 or more variables, and is often used in conjunction with regression analyses, which allow us to predict one or more variables from another. Because we lack the control of an experimental design, correlational research does not allow us to draw causal ...

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    This solution discusses and describes correlational and causation research.