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    How is causation different from correlation?

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    Briefly describe correlational research.
    Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship. Explain why you would choose these two?
    What did you learn about correlation and causation while completing the course?

    Just a brief answer please.

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    Briefly describe correlational research.

    This is where you measure to see if a change in one variable happens at the same time as a change in another. For instance, if the temperature rises, do plants grow faster? As temperatures fall, do plants grow slower? In business, we can ask, as the 401k match rises, does ...

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    The response is very brief (just the "big idea") two paragraphs and one reference in clear everyday language suitable for a novice. This is a BIG idea in statistics and so getting a firm understanding is critical.