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Statistics: Correlational Research

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Share the practical applications of the study (male=120 and female =168). How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace .Briefly describe correlational research .Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship and explain why you would choose these two. What did you know about correlation and causation?

The study is: male =120 female 168 combine both together, the total is 288.

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Not only can statistics be used when dealing with employees, but business statistics is the science of "good" decision making when faced with uncertainty and can be used in financial analysis, econometrics, auditing, production and operations, and marketing research. It can provide knowledge and skills to interpret and use statistical techniques in a variety of business applications. Statistics are vital for any stage of business planning, providing information on existing and potential markets, measuring industry performance and indicating social and economic trends. So, by gathering the pertinent data and figuring the probabilities, there can be a good understanding of what is happening to business in a region, which will improve planning and marketing.

The results of the survey can be used by the managers to formulate policies so that the overall satisfaction levels of the employees can be improved. The HR managers can pay special attention to the groups where the overall satisfaction level is low. The analysis will also help to profile the employees according to their satisfaction ...

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