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    Compare naturalistic observation & correlational research

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    Compare and contrast two of the following five research methods in psychology described in your text or on the internet. These research methods include: Case study, Naturalistic observation, Correlational research, Survey research, and Experimental method. Include in your discussion the research techniques, reliability and validity, generalizability, strengths and weaknesses of your choices.

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    In correlational research the researcher randomly selects subjects from a population and collects information from them on two or more bits of information. The researcher then calculates a correlation coefficient, which is a statistic that describes how the two variables are related (Runyon, Coleman, & Pittenger, 2000). One advantage of correlational research is that it is economical and fast. Large amounts of data can be compared quickly and cheaply, e.g. by using a questionnaire to collect data. Correlations also allow us to study links between variables that could not be studied in any other way. We could not inflict so much stress on a person that we endanger their life. However, we can use a correlational analysis to show a ...

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    The solution compares and contrasts naturalistic observation and correlational research in approximately 400 words. Topics discussed are the research techniques, reliability and validity, generalizability, strengths and weaknesses. One source is cited.