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    Correlational studies and experiments

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    Although correlational studies are not considered experiments, they are of great value. Why do you think a correlational study is not considered an experiment?
    Why would a person choose to do a correlational study instead of an experiment?
    Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research

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    Correlational studies are not considered experiments because they are used to look for relationships between variables, while experiments are performed in order to prove or disprove various theories. If there is a correlation between two variables, it does not mean one variable is the cause of the other. For example a correlational study may suggest that there is a relationship between academic success and self-esteem, but it cannot show if academic success increases or decrease self-esteem. Other variables would need to be considered.

    The purpose of an experiment is generally to compare and contrast two things: One would be the variable and one would be the control. It may also involve comparing two groups and ...

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    The following solution provides an explanation of why correlational studies are not considered experiments and explains the circumstances under which correlational studies would be done instead of experiments.